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The more you know, the better you can help prepare your child for their future. Educational Talent Search Program (ETS) is here to help!

Myths About College

Parents can easily find themselves overwhelmed with information and costs involved with helping their child enter college. Here are a few common concerns and myths:

  • Myth- It’s hard to find someone to help you navigate the college process.
  • Myth- My child may not have the right grades for college.
  • Myth- College is too expensive.
  • Myth- College is only for students who know what career they want.
  • Myth- Without a high school diploma, you will not be accepted into any college.

Although these concerns and myths cause students/parents to disregard college, the following topics are covered in the Educational Talent Search Program to help support both you and your child with accurate information. In the ETS program we cover:

Academic Concerns

  • Does it benefit my child to attend college?
  • Academic major information and understanding career planning
  • University policies and procedures
  • College resources and services
  • Study skills, strategies and organization
  • Test taking skills
  • Personal learning styles and college success
  • Introduction to Americans with Disability Act for post-secondary students
  • Self-advocacy

Personal and Social Concerns

  • Etiquette- personal, professional and social media
  • Personal values and goals
  • Time and money management
  • Developing leadership skills and the importance of becoming involved in your community
  • Health and wellness issues
  • Responsible decision-making skills

Career Information and Planning

  • Evaluating personal interests, abilities, and values
  • Occupational and educational relationships
  • Job search skills such as résumé writing, interviewing and networking
  • Setting life and career goals